CS 713: Data Management in Cloud Computing Environments

“07 16 713: Distributed Database Systems”

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Course Description

The number of applications that generate and analyze data of massive scale (big data) is continuously growing. Management and analysis of big data introduce new research challenges. Meanwhile, there is a huge trend of shifting computations of big data into cloud computing environments. In this course, we will study several topics that are related to cloud computing paradigms, data management and analysis of big data. Each student is required to (1) present two/three papers throughout the semester, (2) read and prepare reviews for the papers presented in class every week, (3) participate in the discussion about the papers presented in class, and (4) work individually or in a group of two on a semester-long project.


Iman Elghandour
E-mail: ielghand @ alexu.edu.eg
Office hours: By appointment


Saturday 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Room: TBD

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Strong background in database systems and operating systems.

Text Book

There is no required text book. Papers from recent conferences and journals will be discussed in class. Reading list is available at this link: http://www.alexeng.edu.eg/~ielghand/teaching/cs713/ReadingList.html


The instructor will give an introductory lecture. We will read two/three papers every week.
Student's workload is divided into the following:
1- Each student will present two papers over the course of the semester.
2- Students are expected to read the papers before class and participate in the discussion.
3- Each student will submit a review of the papers that we read in class. Reviews are due every Friday at midnight.
4- Students will work on a semester-long project.


Presentations 20%
Review writing 15%
Participation 10%
Project 50%
Final exam 5%

Final Exam

The final exam will cover the presentations given by the instructor.


More details about the project are available at this link: http://www.alexeng.edu.eg/~ielghand/teaching/cs713/Project.html

Class organization

The roles of students presenting a paper, writing a paper review, and participating in a paper's discussion are described in this link: http://www.alexeng.edu.eg/~ielghand/teaching/cs713/PaperPresentation.html


We would like to thank Amazon Web Services for the generous Educational grant that helped the students to get trained to use aws and to finish their projects.